Does Your Website Speak to its Ideal (Target) Audience?

You may think that once your website is completed, the work is done and all you need to do is sit back, relax and watch as the leads flood in. I wish I could say that I could wave my magic wand and this would really be

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly???

Add a Headshot to Your Personal Branding Toolbox A professional picture says a thousand words. It can persuade a potential client to call or not to call! Having your face prominently displayed on your marketing material demonstrates honesty and credibility, it says, “This is the face of

A Blog A Day Keeps Your SEO In Play!

Imagine the unique, search engine friendly content that you could create by writing a blog a day or even a blog 2-3 times a week.  Even better, think about the abundance of ‘bait’ (unique content) that could be scattered throughout the Search Engines, such as Yahoo, Google,

Google Profiles – Help People Find You Online

Did you know? Google now has a profile tool that lets you as a user create a basic portal page that can link to your information, websites, and media (such as photos.) This profile is not only shared across Google’s many services (if you use them) but more

The Facebook Name Race Has Begun…

A quick note, if you haven’t already realized – Facebook has come out with the ability to create your own personalized URL as of June 13th. This is great news as it will allow people to find you more easily and directly on Facebook.   Other things

Benefit with Redman’s Print Packaging options

Love the look of your website, but wish the imagery could translate to your business cards, letterhead and or other promotional materials? Now you can. Currently these packages are offered on select Redman Express designs or can be customized for your own designs. Contact us for more

Redman Content Management System Made Easy

Over the past several weeks we have described tips and strategies for utilizing social tools such as blogging, Facebook and Twitter as well as promotional ideas to improve your online presence. Today, we are discussing how you can continue to improve your online presence using your very own

Domain Drain? – Not sure what to choose…

Not sure what a domain name or URL really is? Think of it as your address on the web as you would your address for your house. It is one way in which Internet users can find you.  For example the domain name for the Redman Technologies

Let Your Passion For Real Estate Shine Through

Does Your Excitement For The Business Show On Your Website and Other Promotions? During my first year in the real estate business I came into a competition for a listing with one of Edmonton’s most respected and productive Realtors. I went on the appointment to give it

Promotional Tactics to Increase Web Traffic

Get the word out about who you are, what you do and ultimately how you can help your potential clients! Here is a simple list of ten to get you thinking: 1) Word of Mouth – Tell Everyone about your website as this is usually the easiest way