facebook_logoA quick note, if you haven’t already realized – Facebook has come out with the ability to create your own personalized URL as of June 13th. This is great news as it will allow people to find you more easily and directly on Facebook.


Other things to note:

1) Only 1 person can have each custom URL – this means that if someone else has your name, you risk not having the opportunity to choose your own. Your username will look similar to this www.facebook.com/yourusername

2) You can only set your username once. Once created there is no turning back…

3) Your username has to be more then 5 letters and can not be generic – Facebook is hoping that people will pick something similar to their name – so www.facebook.com/realtor – won’t work

4) If you don’t already have a Facebook account, you’ll have to wait and hope that your name is available as only people with accounts as of June 9th will have a chance to claim their name

5) Privacy settings will remain the same

For additional questions/answers on the whole Facebook username, check out Facebook’s help section:


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