Building A Relationship Based Business

” Regardless of the changing market conditions, the real estate business will remain relationship based” – CEO John L Scott Real Estate The business of real estate revolves around providing service to the public. The greater the number of customers that you are serving, the greater your

Twitter and Your Website

Having fun tweeting? If so, there are many novel and interesting ways to further cross promote your twitter account through your real estate website and blog. The popularity of Twitter has resulted in a plethora of interesting and novel graphics and widgets that are simple to add

Even More Designs…

The design team has done it again! Two new designs have been added to our Express Plus line-up.  The great news is that every design comes in various color schemes. This means that there are now over 60 design options for our Express Plus level and 100’s

CMS Update

Redman Technologies is pleased to announce that our next generation content management system (CMS) is now online. This new CMS was designed to make it as simple as possible for you to manage and customize content on your Redman powered website. We’ve also launched a new toolbar

Time = Money (part one)

Time = Money…It’s an old cliché that we all know and understand, but to what extent do you apply it to your real estate career? Real Estate Professionals are the athletes of the business world, and as an athlete with many commitments, you need a strategy! The

Confidence + Real Estate = Better Success Rate

How do you feel about yourself? This is a significant question to ask! The perception one has of themselves and their surroundings can also be thought of as confidence. Confidence you exude to the world, or lack of, even the positive versus negative outlook that you project,

Show Seller’s Redman’s Seller Feedback Tools

Never worry about finding listings again! As REALTORS® know, listings are truly the name of the game and knowing the right tactics in terms of servicing the listings until they are SOLD will help turn you into the Power EALTOR® you want to be. Redman Technologies SELLER SERVICES

Become a Listing Master with Redman Listing Tools!

Did you know that your Redman website comes equipped with a dedicated website for every listing! Think about this… Q: What if your marketing plan offered a 6 page real estate website for every listing you had?       Would this help you stand out from

REALTORS® Community Foundation – Edmonton & Area (New Website)

Over the course of the last month or so, Redman donated our time to a special project, one that we felt was an important initiative that many REALTORS® in Edmonton support. The project was for the REALTORS® Community Foundation – Edmonton & Area, for which we have

Even More Website Designs To Choose From!

Redman has been hard at work designing more Express and Express Plus designs for you to choose from! Now you can choose from 5 more Express Designs and 2 more Express Plus designs!