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Getting ReTweets on Twitter
A ReTweeted post will give REALTORS® greater exposure.

Are you a Canadian real estate agent who’s kind-of active in the Twitter realm? As you know, your first step is to get a Twitter account and have your friends at Redman Tech brand it according to your company image. Now for the Million Dollar question: how do you build your presence on Twitter?

One of the ways to increase your followers and your online presence is by posting engaging content. In the Twittersphere, your content has to ReTweetable, so people get a desire to follow you and stay up-to-date with your activity. But there’s also other tricks you can use to draw more attention to your Twitter account and your Tweets:

Getting Twitter ReTweets

      • Customize Your Twitter Trends
        Did you know you can change the trends that appear on your Twitter account? Trends can be tailored to you based on your location and who you follow, or you can select the exact location. Customizing your Twitter Trends are a great way to target specific demographics and view what topics are popular in each region.
      • Look For Current Events
        Whether it’s latest trends in the real estate market, or breaking news in your city, posting information on the latest current events have a greater chance of being ReTweeted.
      • Timing Is Everything
        To receive a maximum number of ReTweets on Twitter, try tweeting between noon and 2PM. Studies also show that Fridays have the most activity and Sundays have the least. Please note times may vary dependant on the demographics of your followers and the Global activity on Twitter.
      • Ask For A Retweet
        Don’t be shy! Sometimes generating a ReTweet is as simple as saying “Please RT.” The worst that could happen is your post is not ReTweeted, in which case you just keep on posting.
      • It’s Not All About Me
        Agents should stay away from constant posts about their services and their brand on Twitter. Talk about trending topics, seasonal greetings, and current events. Don’t forget the 80/20 rule!

Retweets on Twitter 2

    • Interact With Your Fellow Twitterites
      Okay you got me, Twitterite isn’t really a word but I just had to! Speaking of your fellow Twitter users, be sure to interact with them online. ReTweet their posts or comment on their Tweets to start a conversation. You can also Favourite their posts if they post something you really enjoy. Who knows they may even return the favour!

For more Twitter tips feel free to read: Twitter Time Savers and Tips. If you have any questions about your social media presence or want some one-on-one Twitter training, give the Redman team a call. We would love to hear from you.

Happy Tweeting!

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