Want to increase your online exposure and your real estate business? Let’s dig right in and take a look at these tips on getting more of those elusive Facebook Business Page ‘likes’ and watch how your traffic boosts up:

1. Promote to Your Friends. One powerful resource which almost all Facebook users have access to, though most seldom use, is their own base of friends related to their personal account. Simply click the ‘Suggest to Friends’ button on the page itself (it’s underneath the profile image, if you haven’t found it already) and it will then magically suggest your page to all your friends.

2. Implement the “Like Button” social plugin on your website. Installing a like button allows visitors to like your page, and when they do this, your website posts on their activity stream. This can send more traffic to your site and if you have a facebook “Like Box” and other content promoting your fan page, this will help you convert your visitors into fans.

3. Implement the Activity Feed and Recommendations social plugins. Place these plugins above the fold of your website and on multiple pages to generate more engagement. Sites that placed the Activity Feed on the front page as well as other content pages received 2-10x more clicks per user than sites with plugins only on the front page.

4. Be Powerful. If you want your community page to stand out, you need to get noticed and have a powerful message. The best way by far of doing this is by being controversial, or by making your business page interesting and visually appealing.

5. Send updates regularly to fans. Most companies just use the wall to communicate, throwing away the massive power of email. Did you know there’s an option in Facebook to “Send an Update to Fans?” This sends a real email, so don’t abuse it. In fact, group this in with your current email marketing campaigns. We find that a Facebook fan, incidentally, is worth twice as much as an email list subscriber. Why? Almost half of Facebook users log in every day, while email addresses are going dead from spam.

6. Don’t forget Insights! Facebook offers basic insights into your Facebook page’s growth, fans and interactivity via Facebook Insights. Your page’s Insights Dashboard will provide metrics to help you understand and analyze trends within user growth and demographics, consumption of content, and creation of content. Keep track of your business page’s performance to determine what works, what doesn’t and learn how best to engage your fans.

We hope that you find these Facebook tips helpful! To further enhance your online Facebook brand, ask us about our Facebook branding services. We invite you to “Like” Redman on Facebook.

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