Everyone here in the office is very excited to roll out our new and improved user forms! Personalized color, intuitive widths, and improved validation are just a few of the great new features in our web forms!

Personalized Color
These new forms integrate better into your Redman Technologies web site, adding a nice some custom styling based on your sites color scheme.
New And Improved forms utilize transparency and your sites color scheme to add personality!

Intuitive Width
We knew we needed to build out forms to work with varying website layouts, specifically the site width. These forms easily scale to fit any width, new and old, which ensures they look right at home on your website and cut down on the amount of scrolling required to see the complete form.
Out new forms take advantage of your sites full width!

Improved Validation
Web forms can’t just look pretty. They have to function in an intuitive and user friendly way. We have revamped our form validation to be more clear and straight forward, giving you and your users a more enjoyable experience.
A new error hub and highlighted input fields make it extremely easy to know what your missing when filling out a form!

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