about.me Intro App for Real Estate

Is this the game changer for business cards?

For anyone in business, business cards are one of those basic essentials that can get irritating.

REALTORS®, mortgage brokers, insurance agents, lawyers and bankers all get flooded with business cards through the course of any given week.

Sites like LinkedIn have helped to reduce the need for cards, but it’s no replacement. Apps like Business Card Reader help take the edge off by taking photos of our business cards and entering the text into our address books.

But this does nothing for the glut of paper that still fills up our desks. Even the most organized real estate pro still has to take time out to manage their business cards.

Then there are those notes the best networkers put on the back of cards of new contacts, hoping that the notes make sense when they’re reviewed several days or weeks later.

And let’s not forget that in order to give out your business card, you have to remember to bring them. (I keep a massive stack in my car just in case, and even then I can forget to put them in my pocket.)

Business cards are far from a perfect medium, and thousands have tried to solve them. None so far have succeeded.

Introduce Yourself to a New Solution

The people at about.me think they have the solution. After mastering the original online identity platform a few years ago, about.me claims that their digital business cards will simplify the way we exchange contact info.

Intro App for REALTORS®Intro seamlessly integrates with your about.me or Facebook profile. It’s digital business card and contact platform that lets you choose which information you would like to share with a contact while it provides a brief intro so you know you have who you’re looking for.

There have been other attempts to disrupt business cards to be sure. In fact Bump was said to be the big game changer with feature phones, but once people started paying top dollar for common smartphones, the desire to repeatedly hit phones together ended.

Others like One Card attempted to bypass the entire address book, opting for a digital online brochure type experience. It has yet to hit critical mass.

about.me have been hugely successful with their profile platform, so it will be interesting to see how well Intro will work for the real estate industry. We’ll let you know how it works for us.

Intro is available for iPhone and iOS, and the Android version will be coming soon.


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