It’s true!  Redman’s new PageBuilder, our easy website editor that comes included with our brand new platform, allows you to QUICKLY & EASILY add new pages and content to your site.


Why Add Content?

  • Landing Pages can provide important information for your potential clients and help them with their decisions.
  • These pages make great places to land those who have clicked your Online Marketing. (e.g. Run some Facebook/Google Ads on Condos, then link those Ads straight to a Condo Landing Page on your site complete with Condo info and a Contact Form to encourage client reach-out)
  • Ongoing Content additions are the largest factor in SEO and ranking higher on Google.  Add relevant content (images & videos count as content too!) on a regular basis and watch your site climb higher and gain more leads.

See more on the importance of SEO & Content here.


Great Landing Page Examples:

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Happy Selling!

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