How do you greet a new client or potential business associate? Do you shake their hand, or take a bite out of your sandwich and mumble “Hey, howsitgoin?” Although the answer is obvious, consider the following: How you present your brand to the online world is equally as important as meeting with your lead for the first time.

Take a moment to evaluate your current headshot. Do you have a professional photograph that represents your brand in the best possible way? Or is it a grainy image from years ago, taken through your cellphone (also known as selfies)?

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Still not convinced? Below are some handy tips to help your headshot go from rookie REALTOR®, to Professional Real Estate agent:

Professional Photo

  • Smile. Don’t look grumpy, angry, or serious, you’ll scare the clients away! Flashing a genuine smile makes you look approachable and friendly.
  • Clean Background. Make sure the background in your headshot is clean and simple. Stand in front of a neutral coloured wall or a tree and avoid any distracting background objects.
  • Only You. Yes, you look great in those picture’s from last week’s party- but they should not be used as your headshot. Especially if you cropped out other people’s body parts around your head.
  • Take It Easy On The Photoshop. When it comes to head shots any photo editing software should be used to conceal imperfections and accentuate your features not to give you a new face. Don’t hide or transform your beautiful profile, all you need is a little touching up.

While having a strong Real Estate website is the first step, you must compliment it with a professional and well-established headshot. Think of your headshot (or profile image in the Social Media world) like that first handshake you give your clients. Make a positive impression and leave your mark in the industry! If not sure where to start, register for Redman’s Professional Portrait Photography Session!

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