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Welcome to .CA street, also known as Canada’s domain registry. According to a 2009 CIRA Registrant Customer Satisfaction Survey, 70% of those surveyed agreed that the number one reason they registered a website with the .CA domain extension was because they wanted to show visitors this is a Canadian website. Over 40% of those surveyed said their reasoning behind the Canadian domain name is because they are proud to be Canadian and feel a personal connection to the nation. .ca domain extension

So, why register a .CA domain extension?

  1. Canadian label, known worldwide. Not to be confused with .COM a domain highly viewed as American.
  2. Many people choose .CA to keep their websites authentically Canadian, as they are proud to be Canadians.
  3. Domain names are secure! Don’t worry, CIRA keeps them safe and sound in a national registry
  4. Canadian real estate clients want to conduct business with Canadian real estate websites.

A little bit of history- CIRA

The .CA domain registry was created at the University of BC in Vancouver in 1987. At the time of its creation the Canadian internet community was very small and .COM had already been operating for two years. Despite the “.COM Boom” the Canadian domain remained strong with a rising popularity and healthy growth of 20% per year.

.ca history timeline

The Canadian internet Registration Authority incorporated in 1998. Two years later, they officially took over the .CA registry. The CIRA took their role in the Canadian internet industry seriously, they created policies, procedures and established a solid system for the growing .CA registry. The policies created through the CIRA had wide ripple effects, affecting the internet community globally. As a result, Canada’s online reputation continues to grow. CIRA also deals with security issues while maintaining public trust. They are constantly interacting with their members and give them a say in the Canadian Internet policy. In 2001 the CIRA opened offices in Ottawa, six years later they reached one million registered .CA domains.
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