While many REALTORS® have started using Twitter in their marketing, finding the time to do it right can be a struggle. For most, the No. 1 barrier to entry into social media is a lack of time and resources. Here are five Twitter tricks that will allow you to spend less time on the details and more time engaging.

1. Make Lists of People

Group the people you are following into smaller lists. If you are following 2000 accounts, the sheer number of tweets that show up in your timeline can be overwhelming. By sorting the people you follow into lists you can isolate and focus on one topic at a time. An example of this would be to have a list of all your existing clients, a list of vendors you’ve worked with in the past and even more specifically group vendors by types, like Landscapers you’d recommend. By separating your existing clients from other accounts you follow, you are more likely to see relevant information they share, from questions to testimonials allowing you to remain engaged with your clients even after the transaction is complete. By having your vendors in a list you will have recommendations on hand if a client needs.

2. Become a Topic Expert

A great way to make a big impact in the Twitterverse is to take part in a conversation about a certain topic. With the use of hashtags you can easily contribute to a conversation in a way that is easily followable by any user, even ones who do not subscribe to you specifically. For example, if you were chatting about down payments with other REALTORS®, tagging each of your tweets with the hashtag #downpayments allows any user searching for the keyword “down payments” to easily find the whole conversation. Searching for users commenting about specific topics is also a great way to source potential leads and resources for a later time.

3. Switch it Up a Bit

Tweet all kinds of content from blog posts, to links, to images or videos. Varying the content that you sharing keeps people interested. If you do need to share multiple links for the same site, try linking to different pages. Instead of sending them all to the front page, sending them to the testimonial page or a specific blog post. In addition to varying the type of content you are tweeting, change up how you present it as well. Do you always tweet as a question? Do you make bold statements! Are you a #hashtag #super #user? Changing up the tone of your tweets will help to get them noticed. Creating tweets that get noticed more, means you can engage your clients quicker.

4. Share the Work Load

Do you work with a team of real estate professionals? Getting everyone involved with the social media for a company is a great way to share the load. Tweets can be pre-planned at the start of the week and can be executed by an assistant or other team member. Additionally to sharing the work, the use of 3rd party programs to schedule tweets can mean you can spend a few moments a day/week to stock up on tweets that the program will then send out at set times, allowing you to focus on other things.

5. Stay Focused

The final and easiest way to save time on twitter is to remain focused. Decide upon a set amount of time you will spend on Twitter and stick to it. Not only will this block out distractions and time sucks, but it will allow you to spend more time engaging leads and making deals.

If you would like more information on how you can optimize your Twitter habits for a more streamlined, effective experience or for information on how Redman Tech can help you with your social media goals, please contact us today!

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