Adding personalized testimonials to your website is the key to showcase your knowledge and expertise to potential home buyers and sellers. Testimonials are a valuable asset, which enable you to entice your clients by allowing them to review the satisfying experiences your clients have had in the past. Here are four great tips to get the most out of your testimonials:

Content Ensure that your testimonials are the perfect length! Your testimonials should be 4-5 sentences long, and should focus on your cleint’s experience. Let the client paint the picture of the great job you did, this allows your future clients to get a sense of your work ethic.

Key Words In anything we do online we want keywords. Keywords allow you to be more accessible on the Internet. Ensure you highlight the keywords that your clients use in their testimonial, such as the town, county, subdivision, builder’s name, etc. of the home. If the client does not mention them, add them after the testimonial. For example if someone writes a testimonial that says “Dave made selling my house easy” , we would encourage editing that to “Dave made selling my Edmonton house easy”.

Say Thanks As we all know there are many parties involved in closing a deal. Be sure to acknowledge them by writing them a testimonial. Include their name, their company name,and even go the extra step and highlight their skills. This is beneficial for two reasons, firstly, using the very kinda words ” thank you” show appreciation and helps validate others hard work,furthermore it displays positive workmanship on your part( if they do this for you in turn, bonus!).Secondly when someone searches for those companies in a search engine, chances are the “testimonial” you wrote will show up . This is great way to create some extra attention for yourself. Try it!!

Show It Off Once you have some testimonials show them off. The most important place to showcase your testimonials is your website, adding a testimonial page on your site, and/or your blog would be ideal for this. Above and beyond that you can tackle all of your social media tools, you can them post them on Face-book, Twitter, etc. A great way to promote traffic to your site, is to put a link to the testimonials in your email and blog signature!

These are some great tips and tricks to make the most of your testimonials. We encourage you to stop under estimating the power of testimonials, and start taking advantage of your hard work. Not sure how to add testimonials? Click here and we’ll walk you through how to!

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