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How to Rock Twitter and Leverage it for Leads

Twitter is an established social media platform that more and more people are using as a resource for current events, local news, and celebrity gossip. Being able to speak to a broad audience and make networking connections through Twitter is all within your reach. Hashtags I know we

8 Daily Steps to Rule Your Marketing – Part II

In our last blog post, we covered the first 4 daily marketing actions you can do to rule your market. These actions should never take up your whole day, in fact, you should be able to get through them by the afternoon—that’s if you did a complete

Social Media Posts: Is it ok to repost?

People ask this question all the time. “Hey, I just spent x hours writing this blog. I can only promote it once and that’s it, right?” People have argued about this idea since, well… since Twitter! On the one hand, some famous tech superstars like Guy Kawasaki

Using Twitter’s New Updates To Your Advantage

Canadian REALTORS®— Market Yourself With Twitter! Early this month, Twitter announced a slick, new, and improved layout! We think it’s pretty awesome and as Twitter users are introduced to the new changes, we’re looking at how Canadian REALTORS® can benefit from them. 1) Share More Photos In

How Do I Get More ReTweets On Twitter?

Do you Want Your Tweets ReTweeted? A ReTweeted post will give REALTORS® greater exposure. Are you a Canadian real estate agent who’s kind-of active in the Twitter realm? As you know, your first step is to get a Twitter account and have your friends at Redman Tech brand

Twitter Time Savers and Tips

While many REALTORS® have started using Twitter in their marketing, finding the time to do it right can be a struggle. For most, the No. 1 barrier to entry into social media is a lack of time and resources. Here are five Twitter tricks that will allow

How To Series – Sharing Blog Posts on Facebook and Twitter

If you’ve just joined Facebook or Twitter, we know navigating your way around these new and sometimes complicated interfaces can be a bit confusing. Making sure you know how to share things on these social media tools is important, and we’ve put together two quick tutorials to

Social Media Branding – How Do You Stand Out?

From the looks of it, social media is here to stay. Social Media channels have become a popular way for young and old to communicate and share ideas alike. As a result, it is increasingly important to view social media as another means to showcase and build

Increase Your Real Estate Business Thru Twitter

If you haven’t had a chance to familiarize yourself with Twitter, we definitely recommend it, as it is a great tool to help you increase your real estate business. What exactly is Twitter? Twitter is a tool for “micro-blogging” or posting very short updates, comments or thoughts.

Twitter and Your Website

Having fun tweeting? If so, there are many novel and interesting ways to further cross promote your twitter account through your real estate website and blog. The popularity of Twitter has resulted in a plethora of interesting and novel graphics and widgets that are simple to add